Monday, June 03, 2013

The Month That Was - May 2013

The Month That Was - May 2013: Like I said last month, my travel this year, at least until Vegas, is likely to be confined to weekenders. I got two in this month. One was an overnight in the sweet little town of Nashville, IN, which reminds me of my home of Dexter, MI, as it was maybe 15 years ago. I was there for a truly self-destructive trail race that involved slogging through ankle deep mud, climb up black diamond ski slopes, and fording hip deep icy rivers. We knew were in trouble when the race organizer announced, "It's really stupid out there," as we were about to start. I hope to go back for a full weekend next year, not just overnight.

The other trip was a happy surprise when Misses Kate and Anna arranged a free day during a family reunion and I was able to meet them up for another overnighter on Mackinac Island, one of the nicest places in the world. We got there just before the Memorial Day crowds. It was a bit chilly compared to our previous High Summer visits when Anna was in summer camp, but the lack of people and cooler temps were a nice change. Only regret is that it couldn't have been longer.

Meanwhile, back home, I had a deck built an a patio out in and I've re-engaged in full scale battle with my lawn after winter's armistice.

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