Monday, April 08, 2013

The Month That Was - March 2013

The Month That Was - March 2013: We move into spring I move into Spring and I move into yard work. A better, stronger deck, three new trees, and assorted other odds and ends for this year. On the inside we have stone facing going onto the fireplace, which will be followed by a living room repaint. It never ends.

In the meantime, I got some solid travel done in March, which was a nice, but too brief, return to the old days. Before I was a homeowner, I would travel somewhere every month. I do need to find a way to go somewhere new this year. I've been hitting my old faithfuls pretty regularly for a couple of years now -- Southwest, Florida, etc. Even if it isn't exotic, it has to be new.

Also we have upgrades going on in the electronics front. I got a Kindle (see below) a new laptop (next month) and I'm thinking of switching to DirectTV from cable -- motivated partially by price and partially because I spend way too much time screaming at my DVR for not recording what it says it was going to. Grrrrrr.

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