Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Month That Was - February 2013

The Month That Was - February 2013: Well I just got a new Kindle Fire 8.9, and a new camera - a Canon point-and-shoot. These, however, will be topics for next month. As will the return of travel posts. I have a couple of trips planned for March. February was pretty much same ol' same old. It was exactly as a cold as you would expect for a Michigan winter. I got the snow blower out twice. And, as usual for February, reached a point where I got sick of winter. Like I said, typical. Oh, and after a false start, I finally closed on my condo -- back to owning a single household -- with only a small snafu or two.

I have been alive for 629 months. February 2013 was one of them.

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