Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Month That Was - October 2012

The Month That Was - October 2012: The most wonderful, glorious event of the month was the final lawn mowing the year. I survived another season long battle with the demon lawn, even at one point finding a common enemy in Creeping Charlie (don't ask).

The strangest thing that is going on is that I don't feel like reading. I usually have two books going; one in the car that I read in snippets (during lunch and so forth) and one for reading a chapter or two prior to bed. The Coup, reviewed below, was my last car novel and my bedtime reading was a continuation of my entirely self-indulgent reading of the young adult Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, which I will likely review in it's entirety a couple of years from now when the series is complete. Since completing those I am totally unenthusiastic about their replacements (which I won't identify just yet). What I would normally do is just pitch them get something new but the problem isn't the material, the problem is finding desire for reading anything at all. this is a new experience for me. I don't know what is going on. Some sort of low-level depression maybe? Perhaps it's my subconscious telling me to do more writing instead. Whatever it is I hope I figure it out soon.

I also had my first experience with vandals at my new house. We have street lights all over the neighborhood, including one in from of my house. Although they look sturdy, the poles are not metal, they are fiberglass and apparently some kids (I'm guessing local high school types) have taken to pulling hard enough on them until they snap. The kids then flee, usually baseball batting a mailbox or two along the way. None of this is going to cost me any money other than a possible increase in neighborhood association dues. It causes me no fear. I know this is the sort of thing kids do and frankly they could do a lot more damage than that. Still, I find myself angry and thinking of how badly I like to get a hold the miserable little brats with my own ball bat. I am now on the direct opposite side of the fence when it comes to teenage antics than I was as a youth. I am now exactly the sort the mean old man who young'uns like to trash for kicks. My journey to the dark side is complete.

Oh and I heard there's an election or something going on. I don't care.

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