Monday, October 08, 2012

The Month That Was - September 2012

The Month That Was - September 2012: Good-bye dear summer. One of the things I feel good about is that the past few years I have made the most of my summers. Lots of outside activity. This summer was no different. I got my distance running to a new level, knocking off a couple of half marathons. I wasn't able to extend a my distance in biking, still at somewhere around 40-50 miles, but my speed over short distances went up. My swimming stagnated, alas.

The counterpoint to all this recreation was that I became fairly adept at digging holes and planting things. And my lawn mowing times dropped.

Lately, and finally, it's been back to writing. Working through a (possibly final) revision of my latest (rather short) project and I am slowly building a working set of notes for my subsequent project. I find that no matter how much I try, I have to write long hand. On big yellow legal pads. Original composition, and even editing, on my laptop just doesn't work for me. The computer just records what I have already done on paper. Probably inefficient as hell, but it's what I've got. It's more inefficient to keep trying, and failing, to adjust my habits. "Old dogs...", and so forth.

No book review this month. I read a few short stories, none of which were all that impressive, but I have since started The Coup, by John Updike. It is astounding. More when I finish.

Oh, and on the 13th I completed my 52nd lap around the sun. My lap times are not getting any shorter but they sure seem like it.

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