Tuesday, August 07, 2012

[Michigan] Glove Love

Glove Love: I'll be heading up to Mackinac next month, but others are commenting on Michigan summer travel already. Mario Batali, everybody's favorite fat Italian chef -- I could not count number of astounding meals I've had in his restaurants from Vegas to Manhattan -- declared Traverse City, Michigan to be his favorite summer destination for foodies. Familiarity might have something to do with that since he keeps a summer home up on the bay. (The original draft of this story referenced Batali's "ocean house." A poor commentary on the state of geographic education.)

Pure Michigan, the the State's travel PR organization, sponsored a north glove trip for Jaunted.com, one of the travel sites I follow. It's actually a sister site to Hotel Chatter, where I used to contribute in their early pre-corporate years. They got to:
  1. Go to Mackinac Island
  2. Stay at the Grand Hotel
  3. Bike around the Island
  4. Visit a U.P. winery
  5. Go out on the water
  6. Smuggle pie past TSA
On behalf of all of us 'ganders, You're Welcome.