Monday, February 06, 2012

The Month That Was - January 2012

The Month That Was - January 2012: Because it's very important that I not have any free cash around to tempt me to such evils as food and gas and clothing, I get to buy a new furnace. I love my house but it could just kill me. But what the hell, the Mayans say this year is it, may as well be warm.

What it actually means is that major travel is pretty much out. It'll be cheap long weekends and holidays for me.

Apart from that since returning from New Orleans (below) things have been pretty steady. I have been writing. I think I'm going to kick out something fairly esoteric as an Amazon Singles and see how it goes. There may be something in that going forward.

Oh, and I finally got my Thanksgiving week photos up on smugmug.

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