Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Month That Was - March 2011

The Month That Was - March 2011: I was hoping to have Misspent Youth available on Kindle by now, and I am this close but not there yet. Current target is Monday the 11th. Planned price is $4.84, just like Business as Usual and Apple Pie.

Note: You know you don't need a Kindle to read Kindle books, right? There is free software for everything from PCs to iPhones that lets you buy and read kindle books.

It's been a rough month with the house, but at last there is progress. The mud room is finally complete, more furniture is ordered (this will get me about half way to furnished), and a horrendous rattle in water pipe was solved without having to tear up the floorboards in the living room (fingers crossed). I still have a torturous pinging when the furnace kicks off and my lawn tractor is in the shop, but I am in a much better frame of mind about it than I was mid-month.

Also, I note that my home of Dexter, MI is the fastest growing municipality in Michigan. That's kind of like being the best ski resort in Tahiti, but still.

And I got to travel this month (although I really had no business doing so). You can read all about it below.

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