Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Month That Was - October 2010

The Month That Was - October 2010: Spent the month getting more and more frustrated with Misspent Youth. Seems like no matter how many time I pick through it I continue to find errors. Has to stop eventually, doesn't it? Still hoping to have it out by the end of the year, but getting a little worried.

On the upside, this month featured a visit to Miraval, the heavenly resort in the desert outside Tucson. I'll spare you a full write-up because I've done that before, but the place remains an astounding combination of play hard, rest easy, and eat well. I think I may have been one of three men there. The place is overload with groups of middle-aged, well-healed, health conscious women celebrating this event or that. The men who are here often get dragged against their will. Men mostly stay away because they think all you do at such a place is sit around in robes and get pedicures. Not exactly. This visit involved climbing a 45-foot pole to a zip line platform one day, and a (mere) 35-foot climb only to have to pull oneself to stand on top of another pole, and jump off, the next day. It was my third trip -- previous ones involved extended hiking and mountain biking. Anyway, if my brothers-in-testosterone want to stay away, that's fine with me. I get the men's steam room and whirlpool all to myself after a hard day's exertion in the desert.

Still no word on my house offer, so I am in a holding pattern. Nothing new and interesting has come on the market to tempt me away, either. So I'm sitting here with my feet growing slowly colder.

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