Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Month That Was - August 2010

The Month That Was - August 2010: I am monstrously late, but it was an especially chaotic month, mainly centering around the death of my father. There was no shock or surprise involved; it was a long time coming and everyone was well prepared, which was an inestimable blessing. Still there were arrangements to be made and feelings to confront, most reducing to anxiety over the horrible fate we all share: mortality.

So that, and the associated trip to FL, dominated the month and pushed most everything in my life back a week or two. Work on Misspent Youth continues at the accustomed glacial pace. And the house shopping has resumed. I haven't yet found that one property that just makes jump up and declare myself born again, but there is no need for me to hurry in this market.

I hope next month to do multiple TV and movie reviews, which means I will be reviewing works that are already in the past for you, such as the latest season of Mad Men which will be over by then, and Inglorious Basterds which may be on network TV by then. I just couldn't get to them in a timely fashion. Nothing unusual there, eh?

And now summer slowly passes away, but unlike us mortals, it will return.

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