Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Month That Was - May 2010

The Month That Was - May 2010: Another month and another revision to Misspent Youth. Now it's back to sorting out the formatting. Then on to the cover.

I managed to get in a whirlwind weekend in NYC for Memorial Day. Technically in May, but I'll write it up for next month. For now, let's just say the Apple remains the Apple. I don't spend enough time there (for which my wallet is thankful).

It's time to (yet again) replace my Sirius receiver in my car. Doubt I'll get away with a simple replacement unit this time. Adventure and annoyance are likely to ensue.

And I have slowly -- oh so slowly -- kicked off investigations into a real estate upgrade. It's the usual story depressed market and cheap rates make things appealing. More on that later too.

[Books] Peter De Vries
[Detroit] Kwame Up the River
[Rant] Fresh Mex
[Health and Fitness] Not Quite Going the Distance
[TV] The Pacific