Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Month That Was - April 2010

The Month That Was - April 2010: You have, by now, noticed the minor changes in the site. A full discussion is below for those who are concerned with the totality of the housekeeping, but this is really just an interim state of affairs. This hassle was about the last thing I needed this month.

I got a fair amount of work done on Misspent Youth, but it's a three steps forward two steps back process. I am still convinced it will see the light of day before the year is out. Again, more below.

My paperwork deluge from last month has chilled significantly, but no sooner did I get my father's taxes done and submitted than what arrived in the mail but a "corrected 1099". Great. Luckily it was immaterial, so I was spared making amendments. And I closed on my condo refinance on the very last day of the month. It's been a very strange experience. I am so scrupulous about my use of credit that I'm pretty sure my rating is so good that I have made banks suspicious. They asked me to document all kinds of miscellaneous crap, odd and ends, the sorts of things that appear on bank statements which they would have never seen had it not been a certain time of year, but they said they needed complete source documentation. Pointless busywork. And then, because the title company and Bank of America were in such a rush to close before the end of the month, I went to closing not knowing what my payoff was, so they gave me three business days to get them a certified check so instead of getting everything done at closing I had to deliver a certified check to the title company 30 miles away the following week. Just a complete bureaucratic jerk around.

So I'm on facebook now. Yes, I broke down. Time for me to step into the 21st century, only a decade late. I've been slowly friending people and trying to assure that only my actual friends get friended. It's an interesting process. If I have a critical evaluation I'll post it here. Or maybe on I'll just put it on facebook. Next up: Twitter. (No, not really.)

As any regular readers know, I never post anything terribly personal on this site. I am not a big fan of emotional expositions in public. In fact, I rarely discuss personal stuff in private. But, just in case it shows through, I feel the need to say these last few weeks have been extraordinarily difficult on a personal level. I'm not sure reminding myself that life is marathon, not a sprint, is going to be much of a comfort. It is getting closer to a sprint with each passing year.

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