Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Month That Was - April 2009

The Month That Was - April 2009: Well. First the good news. Business As Usual is now available for Kindle. The price is a whopping $4.84 (currently discounted to even less). Less than what you'd pay for a Starbucks. If you have a Kindle, please get it. If you don't, please buy a Kindle and get it. The other piece of good writing news is that the first draft of my next (and probably last, although I've said that before) novel is finished. Working title: Misspent Youth. It needs a lot of work, and it will get it, but the important thing now is that everything is rewriting, which is much easier that putting stuff on a blank page. It's also an excuse for me to set it aside and let in marinate I my brain for a few weeks and that is a relief for the moment.

The only travel I got in this month (also good news) was a weekend down in the Outer Banks, described below with pics at SmugMug.

On the bad news side, my all too brief return to regular running is on hiatus due to a profoundly annoying bout of tendonitis. This started at the end of last month, just before I left for NYC. I did 10K on the treadmill and came away particularly sore in my left ankle. Then I headed off to NYC, a trip that always involves a lot of walking. I came back and tried to limp through a few workouts, but it became clear that I was only making it worse. So now my running shoes are on the shelf for a few weeks in the hopes of being fully healed up for outdoor summer running. I would give anything to have the recovery ability I had when I was younger. I should find a way to start mainlining HGH.

Also bad: A was treated to a laptop break down, but more on that below also. Sigh.

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