Thursday, March 06, 2008

Missing in Action: Tube Notes takes a break this month. The Wire ends in early March. Same with Breaking Bad. And I've latched on to Dexter, which is a (very) guilty pleasure. Next month for sure.

Also, no Movie Round-Up. I really didn't see anything worth writing about. The only think that sticks out in my head is The 300 which made its HBO premiere. It was visually striking in the action sequences, but it wasn't very good otherwise. Disturbia has hit cable also, and I'm mildly anxious to compare it to Rear Window, the a bona fide classic to which it is an homage. Again, maybe next month.

And to complete the theme, no book commentary either. I am still crawling through the lovely and difficult Tender is the Night, and I have started Unknown Quantity, a history of algebra by John Derbyshire. It's not as compelling as his previous Prime Obsession which I read and discussed many months ago but it is at least challenging me to do some algebraic thinking which I probably haven't dome since I was an undergrad. Possible comments next month, but not likely.