Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Month That Was - December 2007: And we kiss yet another year goodbye. I had hoped to have my Death Valley write-up done, but I didn't get there. Alas. Next month for sure. I'm down to the last couple of football columns and I won't have months of reworking my novels this year -- although I am trying to get them on the Kindle, and I have reworked the preview sites to make them more readable -- so maybe I can make some fiction progress. I have also reworked the free preview pages linked to left, to enhance readability. If you have ever wondered whether you should buy my novels, go there for a taste.

The Wire begins to end
Movie Round-up
Dash to D.C.
Juvenile Thiller, Unintentional
Juvenile Thiller, Intentional
Credit Card Follies
Michigan Death Watch?
Frosting on the New Year