Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Links Lying Around: Random nonsense I've stumbled across while trying to recover from Vegas.
  • No dark sarcasm in the courtroom. The kids who sang the anti-grammatical chorus to Pink Floyd's The Wall are all grown up and suing for royalties. I guess they got their education after all.

  • Quite possibly the coolest optical illusion ever.

  • The ten least successful Christmas specials.

  • When someone wants you to watch It's a Wonderful Life, scare them away by explaining how Pottersville Rocks!

  • Remember Bejeweled, that insanely addictive little game that came out a couple of years ago? Bejeweled 2 is now available. Try to resist.

  • Top 100 Overlooked films of the '90s, although I am not entirely certain I would call some of these films "overlooked." Found at the the evil devourer of time, List of Bests.

  • I'm not big on the Mobil diamond and AAA star hotel ratings. I've been burned by these. But if you're curious, here're the latest top properties according to Mobil and AAA.

  • Someone believes they accidentally photographed a meteorite striking a street lamp. That would have to be about a zillion-to-one shot. There is still a good deal of debate over what it actually is.

  • A guide to the hot new board games. (Is that an oxymoron?)

  • Iron Chef America is now an actual TV series, starting in January

  • My review of The Moviegoer, by Walker Percy is up over at Blogcritics

Psst! 5-1 in football picks. {giggle}