Tuesday, August 03, 2004

HBO Notes: My longtime favorite blogger, the fresh and sassy Sheri, has a new home: the Hotel Angsty. It looks like she just started watching Six Feet Under which is too bad because this hasn’t been their strongest season, that would have been last season. (In fact the official season quality ranking is 3,1,4,2.) this season has been more on the light side which is probably realistic given the various traumas they all went through. There has still been some wicked clever writing, but these guys really do emotional depth much better than light comedy. Still better than anything else on TV at the moment, with possible exception of reruns of The Wire which redefines grit, but you shouldn’t watch unless you watch both seasons back to back, or it will mean nothing to you.

Then there is this tidbit from a trusted web source:
Speaking of HBO, Carnivale adds some new freaks to the mix when they come upon the stranded Daily Brothers carnival and the Samson merges the groups. They head to Damascus NE, where a supernatural force is killing people at a hotel.

I'm sure it will be very spooky, but they better find a strong plotline this year because spooky will not hold my interest indefinitely.