Thursday, August 26, 2004

Found Around: Hmmm. This set of links contains references to amputees, screams, dead folk's ashes, breasts and bats. Perhaps I'm channeling Roger Corman.
  • Here's an interesting thread over at Metafilter providing advice for someone moving to Ann Arbor.

  • Sheri moved again. Girl just can't sit still. Maybe it's time to resort to Ritalin. Also, breasts are now playing a much larger role in her site.

  • HBO notes: Word on the web is that Carnivale is searching for a double amputee to play Management. Also, The Wire season three starts September 19th. I'm still not sure anyone could pick up on The Wire who hasn't seen it from the outset. After the season starts, don't bother.

  • You probably know the Munch's Scream was was stolen in broad daylight. It was worth $19 million and was secured to the wall by a simple wire. Well thought out. We have a job for you at TSA. Here's some background on the greatest art heists in history.

  • I like women's beach volleyball as much as the next guy (and I do mean guy), but this business of Misty May spreading her Mom's ashes in the sand is truly ghoulish.

  • As I walked out one morning a few days ago, I noticed a fist-sized brown object over my door. Closer inspection revealed it to be a bat. Very cool. He was not more than two feet from my door, but he didn't bat an eyelash as I came and went. This pic should give you an idea of how close he was to my door. No matter what kind of noise I made, he just hung there all day long, totally chilled out, presumably flying out by night to go moth hunting or other batty things. I named him Eric, for obvious reasons. Sadly, he seems to have bugged out. I haven't seen him for a couple of days. I'll miss him. It was like having a living gargoyle guarding the entrance to my home.