Friday, June 13, 2003

My Outhouse is Your Outhouse: This whole Outhouse Springs water thing (scroll down a few posts) has turned out to be a scam. Both The Legendary KK and The Always Delightful Chrissy have passed along quotes. From KK:

...To gain ''exposure,'' a six-pack of Outhouse Springs was sent to the local media late last week. For effect, toilet paper was used as part of the packaging. The press release accompanying it said the Atlanta company promoting the drink wanted to remain anonymous. Adams Outdoor, of Atlanta, with an office in Bethlehem, had no comment on Monday. But the same campaign hit the South in early May, with the Post and Courier of Charleston, S.C., later admitting ''the media, including this very newspaper, ate it up, and Adams got its marketing coup. It can now use that information to demonstrate the power of billboards.

And from a email forwarded from Chrissy:

By now you have probably have seen the billboards promoting Outhouse Springs Water. This is a campaign from Adams Outdoor to get people talking so they can go to your clients and tell them how great billboards work.(not) They are doing it all over the state using unsold inventory.(this is why you are seeing so many)

So the mystery, such as it was, is solved. As far as a the scam goes - it was pretty clever. Just stupid enough to work. Now, with all the publicity, they should really market the water as a novelty gift. Might be more lucrative than selling billboard space.

OK, that's it. Two weeks of Real Life. Starting now. This time I mean it.