Saturday, January 04, 2003

Bits and Pieces: Just in case you haven't used your share of bandwidth for 2003 yet.
  • I think we need mandatory sentences for cookie related crimes. Can you imagine the tune-up the perp would have gotten if this was over a donut?

  • Marx. Harpo Marx. At least you know that if he was caught, he wouldn't talk.

  • Think first. Then speak. Lake Superior State U. gives it's annual list of words and phrases to be banished. Some aren't so bad. Weapons of Mass Destruction is used pretty accurately. I'm glad they brought up using "challenge" instead of "problem". Maybe next year they will include opportunity. Anyone who says there are no problems, only opportunities should be struck with a blunt instrument. Repeatedly.

  • The Diary of Samuel Pepys - a 17th century diarist who, through his ten year long diary, provided the a excellent view of the Restoration in England - is being reproduced as a daily weblog. Neat idea.

  • Speaking of history, the First World War looks to be pretty comprehensively documented at this site.
  • If you live in your Mom's basement and have way too much time on your hands, try Star Wars Origami.

  • Stop in to visit Ginger Girl, a blogmistress who reads a lot, is crafty, and links to me.
  • A strange attempt to meld words, music and the web, I'm not sure what to make of Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries. Curious. Very curious. (Watch the language in some of the presentations.)

  • Stupid Drunk Tricks.

  • It seems that even casual web surfers are pimp-slapped with pop-up ads everywhere. Some browsers, such as Mozilla based browsers, offer a way to turn them off, but Internet Explorer doesn't, since Microsoft doesn't want to risk alienating potential advertisers. To the rescue comes EMS Free Surfer. Load it up and you get no pop-ups, it's that simple. Recommended even if you aren't a web-head like me.

  • Nothing to add to Dave Barry's year in review.