Wednesday, June 08, 2016

[Tech] I Hate My Phone, Continued

I swear, everything with this phone is a chore (Nexus 5x - my first encounter with pure Android). I tried to figure out how to make it read text messages to me in the car. Turns out you need an app to do that. I downloaded one, spent a frustrating half hour trying to figure out which options to set to make it work. I sort of got it working, but the sound quality is awful, and it has a bad habit of reading the texts twice. I suppose it would be gratuitous to mention that my Windows Phone just did this perfectly out of the box.

The camera is mediocre and the photo editor is lame. Another app to download and another entity to have access to my info.

Transferring files to my laptop is a stupidly complicated. Why doesn't it just appear in Explorer like any other device.

I tried to set myself up an alternative lock screen to make use of all those wonderful customization options Android is so famous for and it turns out the Nexus doesn't allow you to turn off the native password protection so if you want to use an alternative lock screen you have to sign in twice.

Every app has different requirements, every app behaves differently. I get a message from someone on facebook and a circle with their picture appears and hovers in the way of everything until I dismiss it. Some icons show valuable info on the icon others you have to click through. It's as if the last 20 years of user interface design advancement have all been for nothing. It's like using DOS again.

No complaints about the Google Fi service. So far it's been exemplary and I'm coming in under $30 a month, but I just don't know if it's worth putting up with the bloody mayhem of Android. If I had it to do over I would probably go back to pick up an iPhone SE and go with TMobile service, or even back to Verizon (no complaints about Verizon except expense). I may still end up there. I plan to give my current set up through the summer then re-assess, but at this point I think its days are numbered.

I hate the world for not buying Windows Phone.