Sunday, April 05, 2015

[Tech] End of an Era

Over the years I have documented my various misadventures with technology of all sorts, but through it all there had been one item that consistently merited praise. It will sound strange, but the most pleasing and reliable piece of technology I have ever owned is my SMC router. After going through a couple of name brand routers that failed pretty much the instant their warranty was up, I ended up with the SMC based on a review I read on NewEgg. I first plugged it in maybe ten years ago, it worked well, and it continued to work well, without fail. No phone, no tablet, no laptop, no TV -- no piece of technology has been as loyal and stress-free as my little router.

So imagine my shock a few months ago when I suddenly lost my wi-fi. I fiddled around a bit and eventually resetting the router got me back on-line. Just a fluke, I told myself. But then it happened again a month or so later. Then it started happening a bit more frequently. At this point I have to reset it every week to ten days on average. Not bad, really. I know of brand new name brand routers that don't work as well. But it is a sign that my dear little friend is sliding into dementia. There will come a point when resetting it won't work. That will be a dark day indeed.

I have purchased a replacement just in case. I don't want to be in the middle of something only to find myself untethered and having to cobble together something make-shift, or worse, head for the nearest McDonalds, to finish. The only question is When do I pull the plug? I think sooner rather than later. If I pull it while it's still working I can continue to use it as an emergency back up. I don't think I could bring myself to throw it away. Instead I'll let it sit idly on the shelf in well-earned retirement. Never can say goodbye.

Oh, the new one is a TP-Link AC 1750. Purchase based on a recommendation from The Wirecutter. It has a lot to live up to.