Saturday, February 02, 2008

Zune, Zune, Zune: I realize it makes me horribly uncool to have a non-iPod mp3 player, but I love my $99 30-gig Zune. I know it's big and heavy for a music player, but really, we're talking about ounces here. It's not particularly attractive on the outside -- black plastic with a hint of blue, but the interface is as slick as the iPod, if not more so. My music collection has a long way to go fill it up so I end up carrying every piece of music I own around with me.

One interesting thing I realized about my music collection is that there is very little commercial rock in it. Not that I don't listen to commercial rock, it's just that I don't own much. It makes sense, I suppose. My buddy Sirius has one classical station and maybe 2 or 3 jazz stations, depending on your definition, while roughly half their gajillion music stations are playing some variation of rock, so why would I need to own any.

For the record, here is a short list of some of the more prominent recordings on my Zune right now. I defy anyone to claim to have more eclectic music taste than me.

  • All the Cats Join In, Benny Goodman Orchestra
  • Bach: The Art of the Fugue, Juilliard Quartet
  • Bach: The Well-Tempered Klavier, Rosalyn Tureck
  • Ballads, John Coltrane
  • Barometer Soup, Jimmy Buffet
  • Classic Essentials Goa Mix, Paul Oakenfold
  • Compact Jazz, Stan Getz
  • Dirt Track Date, Southern Culture on the Skids
  • Discovery of a World Inside the Moon, Apples in Stereo
  • G. Love and Special Sauce, G. Love and Special Sauce
  • Into the Labyrinth, Dead Can Dance
  • The Look of Love, Diana Krall
  • The Men From Uncle, Ray Gelato
  • Nightfly, Donald Fagen
  • Nomad, Aqua Velvets
  • Playboy & Playgirl, Pizzicato Five
  • Safe as Milk, Captain Beefheart
  • Simple Things, Zero 7
  • Synchronized, Jamiroquai
  • Welcome Interstate Managers, Fountains of Wayne
  • Written In the Stars, Bill Charlap

There's more, but I didn't want to totally blow your mind.