Friday, December 07, 2007

The Month That Was - November 2007: When I left town at the end of October to head to the Islands, I noticed on the way to the airport how we were at the peak of fall colors in my neck of the woods and I vowed to run around with the camera when I got back to see what I could capture. By the time I got back the trees were mostly bare. Winter was just outsie the door. Now we are getting highs in the 20s and are under a winter storm watch as I write this. Can I go back to the Islands yet?

Actually, I did take my usual Thanksgiving trip to Vegas (and won, wee-hee), but this time it was just a bracket for three days in Death Valley. More on that next month. For now, you get the write up on last month's trip to St. John, USVI.

Sorry for being so late, and so brief, this month. I am currently bogged down with the football column as I will be through the next couple of months.

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