Friday, July 29, 2005

Lance Link, Secret Chimp: OK, if you understand the title to this post don't read these links; your mind is filled with way too much random stuff already.
  • This may have played by now but the graphic alone cracks me up. Tom Cruise is Nuts.

  • Back in January I pointed out that Anna Benson is the new Paris Hilton (second post from the top). Seems I was dead on accurate. My buds over at Hotel Chatter have the scoop on Anna's participation in the World Series of Poker.

    After serving a 10-minute penalty for dropping the "f-bomb," a violation of tournament rules, Benson returned and asked her dealer, "Does that mean I can't say any other word? I can say c - - t, p - - - y and c - - k, but I can't say f - - k?" Benson -- whose $10,000 entrance fee was sponsored by -- was immediately booted from the game.

    Good judgment there,

  • I've busted on Detroit before, so I have to point out this article by ESPN's Jason Whitlock which goes me one better while actually trying to praise Detroit:

    Detroit is the old high school sweetheart who landed the boy who went on to win the Heisman Trophy and put together a Hall of Fame career. Yes, she lost her hourglass figure three kids ago, and suffered through some painful public infidelity. But now, in her 40s, she's still on the arm of the man of most women's dreams, controls most of his money, and has the freedom, emotional leverage and confidence to come and go as she pleases.

    Then later we have:

    Detroit is the big, sweaty woman squeezed into a size-10 dress, daring anybody to suggest her body ain't booming.

    Somebody at City Hall should politely suggest Jason turn his attention elsewhere.

  • Think you qualify as an extra for Pirates of the Carribean III:

    Extreme characters and hideously unattractive types, ages 18-50. Odd body shapes or very lean to extremely skinny. Missing teeth, wandering eyes and serial killer looks with real long hair & beards. Wigs & makeup are not what we're looking for. We also need little people, very large sumo wrestler types, extremely tall or extremely short people, albinos, amputees. Any size or shape that is NOT average is best.

    Kind of reminds me of Bourbon Street.
I promise my next set of links will contain more for the intellect and less trashy celebrity shenanigans. But they just make it so easy.