Sunday, June 20, 2004

Another Week Gone: The only thing I can say is that this week proved that God has a sense of humor. A really vicious sense of humor. A big fan of dark comedy, The Almighty is.

But that not withstanding, a follow-up article on Deadwood is up over at Blogcritics Now I'm working on a travel piece about my recent trip to DC and Chicago, and I have a thick stack of fiction to edit. For now, here's some linkage.
  • The Detroit Pistons won a stunning victory in the NBA Finals. They were written off before the series and now everyone is wallowing in I-told-ya-so. For a clearheaded and very funny take on it check out Bill Simmons. Favorite quote: "...there's no better way to pass the time in traffic than to talk to yourself in the Larry Brown monotone for 10 straight minutes: 'I'm very proud of my car right now. It's not heating up at all. I even have the air conditioning on. It's just a credit to the people who made this car. Other cars would be overheating right now. I can't control what people think about this car. I'm just taking it one traffic jam at a time. Now I'm going to count backwards from 10. When I clap my hands, you will wake up from this traffic jam.' "

  • Scam alert. I almost fell for this one; it's very different from the ch34p v14gr4 spams you get. It's from an outfit called "" and starts like this: "Someone who knows you is attempting to share experiences opinions and experiences about you via our website. The purpose of this email is to inform you that a posting has been made about you at our website. This is email is not commercial in nature.", then it directs you to a website to see what that someone wrote. When you get there you find that you must pay a subscription fee to read what was written about you. The fact is nothing has been written about you. Don’t fall for it. Here are the details.

  • Adnan emailed to let me know about his site, Sensory Impact, for design mavens. Cool stuff. Check it out.

  • Running away from things in the movies. Given the comparative velocities, it looks like directors could use a reality check.

  • The WB is bringing back two shows from my childhood: Lost in Space and Dark Shadows. Lost in Space was an after school staple and Dark Shadows scared me to death. I'm betting they go for irony above all else this time around.