Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Quick Links: I have a new piece ready to go up at blogcritics, but the site was inexplicably down so I couldn't post. Maybe tomorrow. For now, interesting links:
  • Is the Bugatti Veryon the most extreme car ever?

  • Although I have occasionally argued that Detroit is best forgotten, Forgotten Detroit contains some fine images.

  • Speaking of Detroit, the Detroit Sports Rag is an independent, opinionated and somewhat racy sports journal.

  • Mocoloco, a fine site for design mavens like yours truly.

  • My favorite critic, Terry Teachout, explains why arts tend toward sadness rather than happiness. "If you’re really, truly happy, it tends to render you inarticulate..."

  • Why living in China sucks for boys, but really, really sucks for girls.

  • Trivia: The character Jim in Business As Usual is named for the lead in the Kingsley Amis novel Lucky Jim. Here's why.

  • Lemony Snicket is coming to theatres in December. The books are excellent -- filled with a deep appreciation of language. The film will probably stink (most do), but HRH Miss Anna will be pleased.

  • OK this is truly gross. No kidding; you have been warned. But if you want your belongings to be absolutely, positively secure, I suggest: The Brief Safe. You'll sleep easy.